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Auto Fashion’s 10th Anniversary VIP Fest

This is my 3rd year attending Auto Fashion’s VIP Fest, and I would like to say that it’s been a great one. There were so many high end cars out there that came straight from SEMA show a couple days prior. VIP Fest is different this year. This time, all registrant must register their vehicle and pay a fee. They were strict this year and only selected vehicles made it to the event. All other vehicles and spectators were to park outside those two lots that were reserved for the show. There were cars that I’ve haven’t seen before or cars that changed throughout the season. VIP Fest was hosted at the Greenflash Brewery in San Diego and let me say that the food truck they had there was AMAZING! After the event, my crew and I went out to grab a bite to eat then took pictures at the Ashley’s Furniture store building in Miramar, San Diego. Anyways, enjoy a few of my snapshots from the show.



Old Town Temecula

Since living around the area for the past couple of years, I never really gotten the chance to explore Old Town Temecula. I had cousin’s visiting me from Los Angeles so I thought to myself, why not take them out to Old Town to do a photo shoot there? It was beautiful at night and the lighting was amazing. We came across the Old Town bridge and figured that it was perfect for the shoot. It was a challenge because there would be cars crossing back and forth on the bridge but it was worth the challenge. I feel that taking on the challenge will benefit me as a photographer, as if I was on some kind of time limit to execute this photo shoot. It definitely kept my mind on alert mode and help the creative juices flowing.


Local Car Scene: Wheels for A Cause V

The 5th annual, Wheels for A Cause meet at Petco Temecula hosted by Local Car Scene has donated approximately 3,000 lbs. of pet food all together from everyone who attended. It wasn’t as big as last year’s meet due to another car show scheduled that day, but they still managed to support the animal shelter and pet adoption. My team Hard 2 Overcome came out to support even though it was hot and I went around to take pictures. One of my team member won 3rd place with his bagged Lexus IS300. Hours later, I came home with a sunburn, but it was worth it.


Temecula Art Festival


This as my first time attending the 2016 Temecula Art Festival. Although I have lived in the area since 2010, I finally get to experience it. The Art Festival features many street artist drawing on the blacktop near the city hall. Their medium ranges from the classic chalk to paint. Not only are there street artist, there were many vendors set up to showcase their artwork. From canvas painters to photographers and sculptures to hand crafted jewelry makers, they were all amazing. It was not as big as I though it would be;  I wish they had live music, kid activities and food trucks, that will definitely make a huge difference in bringing more exposure towards the event but I enjoyed my time here with my son.

Friday 13th

As I was driving home with my son Jayce after running errands, I came across this mini carnival by the Promenade Mall in Temecula. I decided to stop by and take a quick peep. I loved how all the lights were lit at this time of night and figured that it will be a great photo op. Jayce loved running around this space and I took a couple of shots. Knowing that it is Friday the 13th, and when I look at this carnival, I think of the movie Final Destination for some reason. Anyways, aside from that, we both had fun and I enjoyed watching getting excited over the cool prizes.

All Good Things Don’t Just Stop Here

I want to thank Professor Nancy diBenedetto for making my book possible.  Keep inspiring others to love photography and work hard. You didn’t earn your title for no reason. Just because the semester has come to an end and commencement is approaching soon, it shouldn’t stop anyone from continuing on to explore photography and taking it to the next level. There are so much more to learn within photography. Many think that it is point and shoot, but it’s not. I believe that a great photographer see the picture compisiton before it is taken. Thank you Professor D for teaching my passion.

Please check out Nancy diBenedetto’s blog and her work!


Course Assignments

3 assignments I enjoyed.
I really enjoyed the Night Photography. That was probably my most favorite assignment in the digital photography course. I love how creative I can be when doing night shoots. I also did enjoy the “Ways of Seeing” assignment. This assignment benefit me as a photographer to compose my images. Lastly, another assignment I enjoyed was the “Book Project.” I know many students complained about this assignment but when I am taking photos of my passion. I makes it enjoyable. The Book Project meant a lot to me because I’ve added some personal touches to it and I get to tell my story about what I am capturing and why.


1 assignment I didn’t like.
I obviously did not like the panorama assignment. I hated it. It was the most frustrating assignment I had in digital photography. I had difficulties shooting vertical panoramas. Getting it to stich together correctly in Photoshop was annoying. Sometimes, it wouldn’t stitch right, or it would align weird. I would have to fix it a couple of times in order to get it right.


Letters to A Young Artist: (Narrative)


Howardena Pindell’s letter caught my attention because most artists, including myself can definitely relate. Pindell wrote, “The hard part is finding enough work (a job) to pay the bills — and pay off student loans — so that you can afford to make art” (67). This is true to some people I know in the art field. School doesn’t come cheap and it reminds me of a quote I read online a couple years back. “You go to school to get a good job, and you get a good job to pay back your school loans.” It’s a vicious cycle. Pindell believes that you should keep your mind fresh and read every day. To narrate Pindell’s letter, I captured a stack of my most inspirational books with each spine exposed of its title.

Letters to A Young Artist: Yvonne Rainer


When reading a letter written by Yvonne Rainer, I took a few steps back and thought about what she said. So many artists are out there trying to make a living out of their artwork and forget the fact that they should enjoy their work for themselves and discover who they are as an artist, instead of making art for other people where they lack their own set of skills. Rainer wrote, “I only wish to emphasize, with the utmost fervor, how important it is for a young artist to delay ‘professionalism’ as long as possible. Find some way to give yourself a chance — and time — to experiment, take risks, play, fool around, even fail, before trying to launch into a career.” I feel that this works in my situation because it is important to find out who you truly are as an artist for it to really show through your work. Many people rush into getting into their careers, including myself and not focus on experimenting with their artwork.

Yvonne Rainer

“Try to see everything.” – Yvonne Rainer


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